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The American Biological Safety Association (ABSA) was founded in 1984 to promote biosafety as a scientific discipline and serve the growing needs of biosafety professionals throughout the world. The Association’s goals are to establish the global standard for biological safety, to provide a professional association that represents the interests and needs of practitioners of biological safety, and to provide a forum for the continued and timely exchange of biosafety information.

ABSA accomplishes these goals through providing members and stakeholders expertise and resources through publications in the peer-reviewed journal Applied Biosafety, the ABSA web site, sponsoring an annual Biological Safety Conference, training programs to inform members of regulatory initiatives, hazard recognition and management issues, risk communications, current Biosafety publications, meetings and seminars, e-mail updates, training opportunities, and employment opportunities. Additionally, ABSA members receive “Members Only” web privileges where they have access to past issues of Applied Biosafety, and members can participate in a biosafety mentoring program.

What is Biosafety?

The concept of Biological Safety (or biosafety) has paralleled the development of the science of microbiology and its extension into new and related areas including tissue culture, recombinant DNA, animal studies, molecular biology, synthetic biology, and biotechnology. The knowledge and skill gained by microbiologists necessary to isolate, manipulate, and propagate pathogenic microorganisms required parallel development of containment principles, facility design, and practices and procedures to prevent occupational infections in the workplace or release of the organisms to the environment.

What is a Biosafety Professional?

A biosafety professional develops and participates in programs to promote safe microbiological practices, procedures, and proper use of containment equipment and facilities; stimulates responsible activities among workers; and provides advice on laboratory design.

Core Purpose

ABSA is dedicated to promoting and expanding biological safety expertise.

  • Core Organizational Values
  • Leading the profession Collaboration and community
  • Promote biosafety as a scientific discipline
  • Absolute integrity
  • High standards of excellence