October 13-18, 2017

October 13-18, 2017

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Robert I. Gross

Robert I. Gross

The Robert I. Gross Memorial Fund was established in 1991 with the receipt of a gift from Marsha Gross in memory of Robert I. Gross. This is awarded to a student in recognition of academic achievement in biological safety. The award provides a grant to a student to register, attend, and present a technical paper or poster at the annual conference. The student must be in a degree granting program at the baccalaureate or graduate level in an academic discipline or field that is relevant to biosafety. Membership in ABSA is not required.

The Scientific Program Committee selects the grant recipient from among the student applicants who submit abstracts.

Inactivation of Bacterial Pathogens Using a UVC Emitting Device for Whole Room Sanitization
Vincent Manna, BS, Rowan University, Stratford, NJ

Past Recipients

2016 Vincent Manna, BS
Rowan University, Stratford, NJ
Inactivation of Bacterial Pathogens Using a UVC Emitting Device for Whole Room Sanitization

2015 Shannon E. Ronca, BS
University of Texas Medical Branch—Galveston
Developing a Neurological Assessment Protocol Safe for Implementation in High- and Maximum-containment Facilities

2010 James D. Johnston
University of Utah
Hand Hygiene in the Biosafety Level 2 Lab: Is It a Matter of Training?

2009 Joanie Kenney
University of Texas Medical Branch
Evaluation of Transmission Potential of Two Chimeric Western Equine Encephalitis Vaccine Candidates in Culex Tarsalis

2008 Jodi Beaudry
Northern Arizona University
Rapid and Definitive Identification of B. anthracis Biocontaminants Using Expedited DNA Extraction Protocol and Sensitive Real-Time SNP Analysis

2006 Rebecca E. Colman
Northern Arizona University
DNA Fingerprinting of Yersinia pestis for Forensic and Public Health Investigations: Methods for Identifying Plague Infection Sources

2005 Cassandra Kelly
New York State Department of Health
Effects of Bacillus Spore Decontamination Methods on Forensic Evidence: An Evaluation of Decontamination Methods, Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide, Formaldehyde, and Autoclaving

2004 J. R. Hermann
Iowa State University
Aerosol Collection Media: Effect of Antifoams on Cell Viability and Virus Infectivity

2003 Kellie L. Perry
University of Maryland
Molecular Characterization of Tetracyline Resistant Bacteria from a Concentrated Hog Feeding Operation

2002 T. Scott Alderman
Duke University
Assessment of Bioaerosol Reduction Methods in Stem Cell Transplant Units at a University Hospital

2000 Robin Lynn Mecklem
University of Michigan
Defining and Managing Biohazardous Waste in Research- Based Universities in the U.S.: A Survey of Environmental Health and Safety Professionals

1999 Gwanpyo Ko
Harvard University
Influence of Relative Humidity on Particle Size and UV Sensitivity of Serratia Marcescens and BCGT Aerosols

1997 Mary Louise Graham
University of Ottawa
An Ex-Vivo Protocol for Testing Adenovirus 4 Inactivation of Human Skin

1996 Marc T. Latta
Duke University
Reported Versus Observed Risks of Exposure in the Operating Room

1995 Candace Pilon
University of Minnesota
Viability of Mycobacteria after Aerosol Collection in Respirator Filters and Surgical Masks

1994 Nicole McCullough
University of Minnesota
Respirator and Surgical Mask Filter Efficiencies Using Three Airborne Bacteria

1993 Michael Blayney
Dartmouth College
The Application of Multiple Regression analysis in Modeling Participant Responses to a Training Program in Biomedical Laboratory Safety

1992 Maureen Best
University of Ottawa
Development of a Combined Efficacy Test Method for Disinfectants