November 15-20, 2019

November 15-20, 2019

Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham, Alabama

Scientific Program Abstracts
(Abstracts are on locked PDF documents. Passwords will be distributed by the ABSA office.)


October 15, 2018

Robert I. Gross Student Award & Lecture

11:35 am  -  12:00 pm

October 16, 2018

Session X: Eagleson Lecture Award

11:00 am  -  12:00 pm

October 17, 2018

Session XV: Richard Knudsen Award

9:40 am  -  10:05 am

Honor Awards and Special Recognition Luncheon

11:30 am  -  1:30 pm
Exhibit Hall A1

Presenter: Patrick Condreay, PhD, RBP, pc Biosafety Consulting Services, LLC, Carrboro, NC

Arnold G. Wedum Distinguished Achievement Award

Everett J. Hanel, Jr. Presidential Award

John H. Richardson Special Recognition Award

Scientific and Informational Poster Awards

Hashimoto Award for Service and Honor

Recognition of Certified Biosafety Professionals and Registered Biosafety Professionals
Presenters: Thomas P. Boyle, RBP, Rowan University, Stratford, NJ
Susan Cook, PhD, CBSP, Washington University in St. Louis, St. Louis, MO