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Session I

Developing a Culture of Awareness; Biological Arms Control, Dual Use Research, and
Responsible Conduct of Science [icon icon=”0170.png”][/icon](PDF 1MB)

Nancy Connell, PhD, Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, Newark, NJ

Session II

The Anatomy of an Exposure [icon icon=”0170.png”][/icon](PDF 867KB)
Thomas H. Winters, MD, FACOEM, FACPM, Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, MA
Proper Management of Incident Reporting in Biological Research Labs [icon icon=”0170.png”][/icon](PDF 1MB) (ID #210 abstract[icon icon=”0062.png”][/icon])
Brian O’Shea, PhD, CBSP[icon icon=”0273.png”][/icon], Battelle Memorial Institute, Columbus, OH
Bio-related Exposure Monitoring and Follow-up System at the University of California—San Francisco [icon icon=”0170.png”][/icon](PDF 162KB) (ID #243 abstract[icon icon=”0062.png”][/icon])
Peili Zhu, PhD, RBP[icon icon=”0273.png”][/icon], University of California—San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

Session V

Strategies for Risk Assessment and Institutional Oversight of Emerging RNAi Technologies [icon icon=”0170.png”][/icon](PDF 442KB)
Angela Birnbaum, RBP, CBSP, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
Rebecca Caruso, MPH, RBP, CBSP, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA

Session VI

WHO Laboratory Biosafety Manual Updates [icon icon=”0170.png”][/icon](PDF 1MB)
Kazunobu Kojima, MD, PhD, World Health Organization, Geneva Switzerland

Session VII

Biosafety and Containment Considerations for U.S. Hospitals Preparing for Ebola Virus Disease [icon icon=”0170.png”][/icon](PDF 2MB) (ID #262 abstract[icon icon=”0062.png”][/icon])
Betsy Weirich, MS, CBSP, SM(NRCM)[icon icon=”0273.png”][/icon], Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, GA
Biosafety-Healthcare Interaction Beyond Ebola [icon icon=”0170.png”][/icon](PDF 2MB) (ID #231 abstract[icon icon=”0062.png”][/icon])
Kalpana Rengarajan, PhD, RBP[icon icon=”0273.png”][/icon], Emory University, Atlanta, GA
Avian Influenza Risk Perception among Egyptian Poultry Handlers [icon icon=”0170.png”][/icon](PDF 777KB) (ID #254 abstract[icon icon=”0062.png”][/icon])
Lamiaa A. Fiala[icon icon=”0273.png”][/icon], Faculty of Medicine, Ismailia, Egypt
Survival of Hepatitis C Virus is Temperature, Syringe Type, and Volume Dependent: Implications for Infection Control Strategies [icon icon=”0170.png”][/icon](PDF 2MB) (ID #220 abstract[icon icon=”0062.png”][/icon])
Elijah Paintsil[icon icon=”0273.png”][/icon], Yale University, New Haven, CT

Session IX

Gain-of-Function Research: The Eye of the Storm—The University of Wisconsin Story [icon icon=”0170.png”][/icon](PDF 4MB) (ID #216 abstract[icon icon=”0062.png”][/icon])
Rebecca Moritz, CBSP[icon icon=”0273.png”][/icon], University of Wisconsin—Madison, Madison, WI
Poliovirus Containment: Mitigating Facility-related Risks in the Endgame and Post-Eradication Eras [icon icon=”0170.png”][/icon](PDF 445KB) (ID #247)
Steven Oberste, PhD[icon icon=”0273.png”][/icon], Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, GA
Why Did the Salmonella-Spiked Chicken Cross the Auger? Adventures in Interdisciplinary Research Risk Assessment [icon icon=”0170.png”][/icon](PDF 2MB) (ID #232 abstract[icon icon=”0062.png”][/icon])
Shane Gillooly[icon icon=”0273.png”][/icon], Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA

Session XI

National Biosafety Stewardship Month: A Glimpse into Institutional Safety Activities [icon icon=”0170.png”][/icon](PDF 204KB)
David A. Martinson, PhD, National Biosafety and Biocontainment Training Program, Bethesda, MD

Session XIII

United States Government Policy for Institutional Oversight of Life Sciences Dual Use Research of Concern [icon icon=”0170.png”][/icon](PDF 2MB) (ID #58 abstract[icon icon=”0062.png”][/icon])
Kathryn L. Harris, PhD, RBP[icon icon=”0273.png”][/icon], National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD
Using Peer-Review Faculty Committees to Obtain Biosafety Consensus [icon icon=”0170.png”][/icon](PDF 1MB) (ID #250 abstract[icon icon=”0062.png”][/icon])
Molly S. Stitt-Fischer, PhD, SM(NRCM), CPH[icon icon=”0273.png”][/icon], University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
Zombies, Mad Scientists and Superheroes: An Approach to Promoting Safety Culture with Research Lab Personnel [icon icon=”0170.png”][/icon](PDF 5MB) (ID #222 abstract[icon icon=”0062.png”][/icon])
Brandy Nelson, CBSP[icon icon=”0273.png”][/icon], University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY

Session XIV

Benefits of a Multi-pronged Teaching Module for Select Agent Required Security, Incident Response, and Biosafety Training [icon icon=”0170.png”][/icon](PDF 1MB) (ID #251 abstract[icon icon=”0062.png”][/icon])
Kathryn F. Board[icon icon=”0273.png”][/icon], University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
Improving Biosafety Culture—Learning Lessons from Incidents [icon icon=”0170.png”][/icon](PDF 2MB) (ID #236 abstract[icon icon=”0062.png”][/icon])
David Bryant[icon icon=”0273.png”][/icon], United Kingdom Animal and Plant Health Agency, Weybridge, Surrey, United Kingdom
How Can We Facilitate Understanding of the rDNA Guidelines to the Scientific Community? [icon icon=”0170.png”][/icon](PDF 874KB) (ID #228 abstract[icon icon=”0062.png”][/icon])
Esmeralda L. Meyer[icon icon=”0273.png”][/icon], Emory University, Atlanta, GA

Session XV

The CDC Etiologic Agent Import Permits Facility Inspection Process: Two High-containment Laboratory Experiences [icon icon=”0170.png”][/icon](PDF 3MB) (ID #225 abstract[icon icon=”0062.png”][/icon])
David S. Bressler, CBSP[icon icon=”0273.png”][/icon], Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, GA
Shipping and Exporting Research Materials: Yale University’s Research Material Shipping and Export Program via eShipGlobal [icon icon=”0170.png”][/icon](PDF 541KB) (ID #255 abstract[icon icon=”0062.png”][/icon])
Kevin M. Charbonneau[icon icon=”0273.png”][/icon], Yale University, New Haven, CT
Synthetic Biology: Biosafety and Biosecurity [icon icon=”0170.png”][/icon](PDF 2MB) (ID #297 abstract[icon icon=”0062.png”][/icon])
David Gillum, MS, RBP[icon icon=”0273.png”][/icon], Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ

Session XVI

Issues Identified by Commissioning, Again and Again [icon icon=”0170.png”][/icon](PDF 2MB) (ID #233 abstract[icon icon=”0062.png”][/icon])
Joby Evans[icon icon=”0273.png”][/icon], Merrick & Company, Atlanta, GA
Conversion of a Biosafety Level 3 (BSL-3) Lab to an Arthropod Containment Level 2 (ACL-2) Lab [icon icon=”0170.png”][/icon](PDF 986KB) (ID #117 abstract[icon icon=”0062.png”][/icon])
Jolly Qian[icon icon=”0273.png”][/icon], Novartis Institute for Tropical Diseases, Singapore, Singapore
Equine Facility Biosafety: Challenges and Lessons Learned from Large Animal ABSL-2 Containment [icon icon=”0170.png”][/icon](PDF 2MB) (ID #202 abstract[icon icon=”0062.png”][/icon])
Delena W. Mazzetti, MPH, RBP[icon icon=”0273.png”][/icon], University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky
Biosafety Program for Animal Biosafety Level 2 Facility at University of California—San Francisco [icon icon=”0170.png”][/icon](PDF 2MB) (ID #244 abstract[icon icon=”0062.png”][/icon])
Mei-Chuan Huang, PhD, RBP[icon icon=”0273.png”][/icon], University of California—San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

Session XVII

Developing a Neurological Assessment Protocol Safe for Implementation in High- and Maximum-containment Facilities [icon icon=”0170.png”][/icon](PDF 1MB) (ID #296 abstract[icon icon=”0062.png”][/icon])
Shannon E. Ronca[icon icon=”0273.png”][/icon], BS, University of Texas Medical Branch—Galveston, Galveston, TX

Session XIX

Update from the Lab Safety Task Force [icon icon=”0170.png”][/icon](PDF 1MB)
Ara Tahmassian, PhD[icon icon=”0273.png”][/icon], Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
Leadership… and Cultures of Responsibility [icon icon=”0170.png”][/icon](PDF 2MB)
David Franz[icon icon=”0273.png”][/icon], DVM, PhD, Frederick, MD
Ebola at Emory: Keeping the Culture of Safety [icon icon=”0170.png”][/icon](PDF 2MB)
G. Marshall Lyon III, MD, MMSc[icon icon=”0273.png”][/icon], Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta, GA

Session XX

Effectiveness of Decontamination of Laboratory Room Surfaces with Low Concentrations of Hydrogen Peroxide and Isopropyl Alcohol Using Atmospheric Cold Plasma Activation [icon icon=”0170.png”][/icon](PDF 4MB) (ID #217 abstract[icon icon=”0062.png”][/icon])
Miguel A. Grimaldo, MEng[icon icon=”0273.png”][/icon], University of Texas Medical Branch—Galveston, Galveston, TX
Aerosol Monitoring of ABSL-4 Laboratories Housing Non-Human Primates Challenged with Ebola Virus [icon icon=”0170.png”][/icon](PDF 1MB) (ID #42 abstract[icon icon=”0062.png”][/icon])
David Harbourt, PhD, RBP[icon icon=”0273.png”][/icon], U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Disease, Fort Detrick, MD
How to Fit a Square Peg into a Round Hole: Complying with Regulatory Requirements in a BSL-3 Ag Facility [icon icon=”0170.png”][/icon](PDF 2MB) (ID #227 abstract[icon icon=”0062.png”][/icon])
Erin E. Smith[icon icon=”0273.png”][/icon], RBP, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS


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